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Pester-Proof GateEdit

Hello! Its me again. Are you tired of Prof. Pester killing your BEST Pinatas? SO mad that you worked so hard that you worked on that newly tamed sour that you want to SCREAM! Scream no more! With my Data Base, I have devised a way to keep mister "I will show you some of my education" out of your garden forever! Now, what you will need: LOTS OF MONEY, Ability to get bird-proof gate, a fully expanded garden, and, of course, Prof. Pester. Procedure: First, you go to Costolot's Store. Next, you go to fences and select "bird-proof fence" (NO GATES). Then, you start at the edge of your garden, closest to the pinarctic. After, you place fencing facing Pinata central, then place one gate parralel to the arctic every 7 (MUST BE 7) fences. then wait til' pester comes, then he will be stuck FOREVER! (note he will e trapped forever and never leave, AND you can delete other fences not needed)

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